Two Hours Late? Right on Time.

The Bride was not there when the wedding was supposed to start. Usually, a bad sign for a wedding. But for those of us who were at the wedding on time, we were not worried. You see, the groom wasn’t on time either. And neither were the bridesmaids, groomsmen, or even the guests.

We were going to be celebrating our church’s first wedding, and I was going to be officiating. Pretty exciting stuff. I wanted to make sure the church members were at the garden venue early, for we have heard that if the church members aren’t there, other people will try to take over the wedding, making it about them.

So we caravaned from the church to the garden, and made it there early. Some of the members started helping put the finishing touches on the grounds, tying bows on the chairs, hanging flowers from the canopies, and helping keep the ground clear of trash. When the service time rolled around, we were still the only people there.

I had been warned that the wedding party itself would be late. They always are in Kenya. I guess everyone knows that, because the first guests didn’t show up until an hour later.

Horns honking down the road gave us the warning that the wedding party was approaching. As they pulled into the venue, I took a look at my watch. Two hours late.

Right on time.

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