Can You Match the Green of my Dragon Tattoo?

I am about to admit something that may cost me some major man points here, but I do know my way around a sewing machine. Okay, go ahead, dock the points. Sewing is definitely not a hobby of mine, but watching my mother and sister sewing everything taught me how to work and repair a machine. Despite my attempts to stay clear of the feminine art, the other day I had to walk into our local habadashery. That, by the way, is an English way of saying “a store that sells buttons, yarn, and other sewing stuff”. It’s a fun word, don’t you think? Try using it next time you have to go to Michael’s or JoAnn’s.

Well this day at the habadashery was a reminder of the technological obsession that has hit the youth of Kenya.

Anyway, I walked in looking for green felt for a Christmas project for the children’s ministry at church. I walked over to where the felt was, and noticed that they didn’t have a Christmas tree green, but only an apple green. I asked the lady behind the counter for some help.

She walked out from behind the counter, chatting on her iPhone. She walked over to me, and I asked her if the colors they had on display were the only colors they had. I figured it was, as very few stores in Kenya have a back stock. Without looking up, Miss Chatty still typing, she said no.

“Okay, thanks.”

Still typing, “What color were you looking for?”

I was looking for a green darker an this one here,” pointing at the apple green felt.

Without looking up, Chatty kept typing. “Yeah, we don’t have that.” She sent a message, waited for the response.

“Great, thanks.”

Pause. “Uh huh.” Sends another message.

I was still standing there as she walked away, back to the counter. She hadn’t looked up once, but had sent message after message on her phone. I’m convinced that if I had taken my shirt off in the middle of the store, and asked if she had felt that matched a giant dragon tattoo on my chest, she wouldn’t have even noticed.

Oh, technology, the bane of decent civilization around the world. And yes, I understand the irony of saying that, while typing my blog on my iPad while using the wifi of our local coffee shop.

Also, I don’t have a giant dragon tattoo on my chest. Just wanted to clear that up.

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