Should I be Concerned?

Last week was a pretty rough week in our house. My wife has been out of the country for a few weeks, and so, it has been a very testosterone filled house, with just me and the three Machines of Chaos running around. But this last week? Well, all four of us have been sick. And not your average, feeling-a-little-cold-coming-on sick, but genuine sick, with vomit and such.

After a few days, my middle son started complaining that his ear has really hurting. I don’t mess around with ear aches, so we headed off to the local pediatrician’s office. Now, we have only visited this office one time before, about four months ago, with my youngest son. When we got to the reception, I signed my son in, and told them I had a new patient. The man working the counter said, “Great. What is his name and date of birth?”

I gave it to him, and he typed it into the computer. He then told me that I gave the wrong date of birth.

I said “No, I gave you the correct name and date of birth.”

“But his name is not in the system.”

“Correct, that’s because he’s never been here.”

“Yes he has.”

At this point I really thought I should just leave, but gave him a chance. “No, he is never been here. My younger son has been here, but not this one. That’s why I told you he was a new patient.”

“Oh. That makes sense. I was wondering why you gave me a different name for your son today than you did last time.”

Um, am I the only parent that comes here with multiple kids? Should I be concerned?

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